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Online course with live lessons

From Nervous to Confident:

Effective Communication for Non-Native Speakers

Do you feel lost in the Business English expressions and phrases, never knowing how to express exactly what you want to say?

Do you have a hard time listening and understanding to your colleagues, clients or business partners when in a meeting?

Do you struggle expressing your opinions and suggestions when negotiating?

Do you feel challenged when you are to lead a meeting?

Are you looking for effective ways how to improve your English communication skills and how to fit the learning into your busy schedule?

It is time to make the change!

Join this online 12 week course to improve your

English communication skills and make your work meetings effective!


Master Business English vocabulary, expressions and phrases 


Improve your comprehension skills and the ability to ask the right questions


Learn to clearly formulate your opinions and suggestions.


Become confident to lead an effective meeting

  • 12 weeks online course tailored to your needs

  • 12 weekly worksheets and learning materials in your mailbox

  • 6 group or individual lessons (60min)

  • 2 individual consultations (50min, before and after the course)

  • 1,5 - 2 hours weekly time investment

Frequently asked questions

Is this course for individuals or groups?

You can join a group version of the course in September 2023 (date to be announced). The advantage is that you will be part of a community which will support you. The dates of the course and the group lessons will be decided together.

Individual version can be started any time. The advantage is that you will have a fully individual support focus on your needs only. The dates of the lessons are more flexible and you can go through the course slower (space out the lessons or add more live lessons) or quicker (have more lessons per week).

I want to take a group course but I also need some individual lessons. Can they be part of the course too?

Yes! It is possible to purchase a pre-paid package of individual lessons as a part of the group course. This way you get the full benefit of both group and individual versions of the course.

What level of English do I need to take the course?

For group version you will need to have B1-B2 level. For lower or higher level I recommend individual course which can be better adapted to your needs.

You can test your level here.

Do you have any questions?

Or are you ready to join?

To get learn more details and/or to sign up

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